Laser Shooting

Our Laser Shooting simulator is great for parties. With 20+ games played with three different realistic feeling weapons (Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun), you can play against your friends in the Wild West, hunt Deer or Buffalo or try your hand at Clay Pigeon shooting.

To make the experience as close to the real thing as we can, our weapons are realistically weighted. Our range of games are great for beginners to advanced shooters.

The Lasor Shot technology from the USA is used around the world to train law enforcement and the Military. Target practice games along with more advanced skill games help users get better every time they play.

Hire our Laser Shooting equipment today and we’ll deliver, setup and be on hand to teach you the ropes so you can concentrate on getting the best score on Clay Pigeon shooting or Wild West.

This Is Great For

Birthday and Christmas parties and weddings! Any corporate events that you can run competitions to help with team building and bonding. Competitions are a great way to attract passers-by at your Open Day or expo.

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