Full Motion Driving Simulator

Full Motion Driving Simulator

Our full motion driving simulator offers a realistic driving experience in over 80 high-performance cars on over 80 tracks from all around the world.

To make the experience as close to the real thing as we can, we use a full motion chair which allows you to feel the g-force of acceleration, breaking, sharp corners and drifting!

Our driving simulator can be used with or without our Oculus headset.

The Oculus headset provides a full 360° view and the most realistic experience. However, if the Oculus headset isn’t for you, we offer a 180° view on our, 3 full HD, curved tv screens to create a 5k resolution.

Our driving simulators are used worldwide. They are used in Dubai to train their paramedics in driving an ambulance to destinations as quickly and safely as possible; Saudi Arabia for teaching women how to drive; Bangladesh to train their police in driving to destinations as quickly and safely as possible.

This Is Great For

Birthday and Christmas parties and weddings! Any corporate events that you can run competitions to help with team building and bonding. Competitions are a great way to attract passers-by at your Open Day or expo.

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